Powerful & Proactive Peer Support

The Mindbase app is a CAD/RMS Integrated Wellness Platform designed to take proactive care of mental and emotional health challenges by providing your officers personalized support when they need it most.

Saving Minds With Data

Mindbase Raises $650K to support critical teams through proactive detection and intervention.

A New Kind of Support,
Powered by CAD/RMS Data

One-Touch Peer Support
Dynamic Personalized Resources
Data Driven Evidence-Based
Confidential & Secure
On-Demand Teletherapy
100% Department Engagement

Good Health Starts with Mental health

Mindbase is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness meditation, and confidential coordinated support - strategies shown to provide effective relief for mental and emotional health concerns. Everything your department needs to provide the best proactive support.

In case you missed anything.


What CAD/RMS systems do you work with?

We have integrations built with some of the largest providers like SunRidge Systems, Motorola Solutions, Tyler Technologies, Mark43, and many more. If we are not currently supporting your system, no problem! Our engineering team coordinates with your system provider on getting your agency setup with Mindbase, pain-free.

Is everything anonymous and private?

Transparency is a key component to an effective wellness program. We place a huge emphasis on privacy and confidentially. We don't capture any data or measure any activity at the individual level.

I like what I see, can my department try Mindbase before implementation?

While we don't offer a "trial" version of Mindbase, our team is available to provide a live demo of the full Mindbase app and peer support dashboard. Our in-depth demo highlights features, benefits, and experiences across different users.

I've seen wellness apps like Cordico and Lighthouse before, and they're expensive. What does pricing look like? How are you different?

Our pricing model is all-inclusive. You won't see an increase based off department size (sworn/non-sworn or family), features, or additional requirements. In comparison, you'll find our platform to be the most affordable, valuable, and powerful wellness resource your department will provide it's personnel. One of the biggest differentiators is our proprietary CAD/RMS integration. This allows us to take a true proactive approach to wellness vs reactive that you'll find with traditional apps. Also, our platform is completely dynamic. You'll notice our app adapts to the agency and individual user based off their unique needs and incident exposure. No static or generic resources repurposed in an agency branded "wellness app".

It's Never Been More Difficult To Be An Officer.

Learn How Mindbase Can Make A Real Difference Within Your Agency.