Our Work Has Never Been More Critical.

We looked for support within Public Safety and found a system that is fragmented, where change is needed, but more importantly realized these gaps were affecting lives.

So we got to work creating an entirely new approach to improve the mental health and wellness of first responders.

We are a passionate team with a shared goal.

Mindbase is changing the mental health landscape for critical teams. We partner with Federal, State, and local governmental and non-governmental agencies to provide their personnel support during challenging prevention, response, and recovery operations.

Bruce Avila

Founder / CEO

Jesus Avila

Co-Founder / COO

Manny Serafini

Sr. Software Engineer

Erik Cardenas


Tech Leader - Amazon Care
Head of Operations & Technology - EverlyWell

Dr. Mitch Javidi, PhD


Founder / Chancellor - National Command & Staff College
Co-Founder, Board Director & COO - Epochal Technologies


Chief Wellness Officer

We're on a mission to end the mental health crisis shattering public safety. Follow our journey as we change the lives of critical teams.