Proactive Support, Superpowered by Technology

Modern mental health support designed just for First Responders. On-demand peer support, therapy, and self-care resources, all from the privacy of a smartphone.

Public Safety Has Changed. We’re Creating A World Where Support & Assistance Is Never An Obstacle.

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We’re reinventing mental health within Public Safety by coupling data science and virtual delivery to provide immediate, personal support for First Responders. Our work has never been more critical.

Bruce Avila - MindBase Founder / CEO

Support That's Always On

Mental health doesn’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. MindBase provides accessibility to peer support and clinicians around-the-clock so that your personnel can connect with an avaialable resource within seconds, right from their smartphone, anytime.


Support That Adapts

Mental health comes in all shapes and sizes. Our team-based structure can flex to meet all levels of need, from everyday support, critical response, to coordinated care. And our digital platform lets personnel access support in a mode that works best for them—through text, video, and self-guided activities.

Support That Scales

Mental health progress has traditionally been hard to identify and understand. Our platform automatically assesses incident exposure data from your CAD/RMS, gathering insights that empower Peer Support Teams and Leadership to provide effective support and guidance in-the-moment and over time.


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More Than A Platform - It's A Mission, And We're In It Together.

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