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Mindbase and 911 Training Institute Announce Partnership to Advance Responder Mental Health

Two 9-1-1 industry leaders have joined forces to advance best practices in supporting the wellbeing of 9-1-1 Professionals. Mindbase offers an unprecedented technology platform providing all the resources for an effective and confidential agency wellness program that is proactively powered by near real-time CAD/RMS data.

Understanding the experiences of individual public-safety professionals is paramount to providing mental health and wellness support that works. Mindbase proactively prompts users, based on their individual experiences, and recommends purpose-built wellness content, anonymous self-assessments, access to peer support and clinical resources, and much more. Mindbase provides technology tools to help peer support teams be more effective in their mission to support their team members.

The 911 Training Institute (911TI) is a pioneering organization that brings together experts in mental health and emergency response to create and deliver innovative industry-specific curriculum, resources, and tools enabling responder agencies to safeguard the resilience and mental health of their personnel.

911TI CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Marshall, stated, “This partnership helps fulfill both our agencies’ missions in support of our emergency responders. Mindbase system offers robust data management capabilities that radically boost agencies’ strategic efforts to safeguard the mental health, team well-being, and retention of responder teams, in part by improving delivery of peer support efforts. When I learned about Mindbase, I became convinced that every agency desiring to protect and empower their teams from their extraordinary stressors needs to adopt these tools to systematize agency mental health and peer support initiatives.”

Mindbase President and CEO, Corey Roberts, said, “At Mindbase our goal is to bring knowledge, people, and intelligent technology together to support the wellness of our nation’s first-responders. When our team met Jim Marshall and the team at 911TI and learned what they value, we knew right away they were a group with whom we wanted to be associated.”

Roberts added, “The 911 Training Institute specializes in design and delivery of highly-rated peer support certification training. Mindbase customers now have the opportunity to benefit greatly from their trustworthy and unmatched peer support training. As we have met with hundreds of agencies across the country, we have learned that many are starting from scratch building a peer support and wellness program. Together, 911TI and Mindbase can offer a topflight plug n’ play solution, providing a nearly effortless experience for our mutual customers.”

Marshall and Roberts emphasized that their decision to support each other’s companies was not driven by financial gain.

Marshall said, “There is no finder’s fee or referral incentives here; just a shared belief in what we each do, the belief that we can do our work better together, and a commitment to make it easier for agency leaders to do the right thing better, as they invest in the lives of their people.”

Leaders from both Mindbase and 911TI will be attending the upcoming 2023 NENA Conference in Grapevine, Texas, and the 2023 APCO International Conference in Nashville, TN. Mindbase will be represented at both events in the Exhibit Halls and 911TI faculty will be presenting at both conferences (check event schedules).

To arrange an exploratory conversation with Mindbase, visit www.getmindbase.com or email info@getmindbase.com.

To learn more about offerings of the 911 Training Institute, visit www.911training.net or email info@911training.net.

Corey Roberts, CEO, Mindbase corey@getmindbase.com
Jim Marshall, CEO, 911 Training Institute jim@911training.net

June 7, 2023