Announcing MindBase’s Seed Round

And Our Plans for the Future of Mental Health & Wellness Within Public Safety
Bruce Avila | Founder / CEO

August 10, 2021

Our $650K Seed Round 🎉🎉

Today we announced $650K in new financing in just 11 months after launching and consistent month-over-month growth. What the MindBase team has done to-date is noteworthy, but this milestone feels different. There is something incredible happening at our company right now — a heady blend of people, customers, and an unmet market need building such powerful momentum that it’s hard to put into words. With this fresh capital, we’ve been given the opportunity to take bolder strides toward the future we have envisioned.

The core idea for MindBase started with a deep desire to solve a challenge that has shattered Public Safety agencies for decades: effective mental health & wellness. When my co-founder and I first started interviewing Police Department Leadership in 2020 to find out more about this problem, we were struck by their commitment and passion when it came to supporting their people. The challenge was, the appropriate tools and resources did not exist that would allow them to understand when support was needed most and provide personalized confidential access to assistance. 👈This was critical... So we took our findings and quickly realized that support and assistance were primarily on a reactive basis. This limited engagement, created an unhealthy silo/culture, and affected critical areas like recruiting and retention. The data wasn't hard to find, we were (and still are) failing the most vulnerable.

"The core idea for MindBase started with a deep desire to solve a challenge that has shattered Public Safety agencies for decades: effective mental health & wellness."

More Data, Less Problems?

The data agencies needed to develop meaningful departmental insight and provide proactive support and assistance was gathering dust in the most utilized program, the CAD/RMS. Interestingly enough, every Public Safety agency has one but its primary use is cataloging criminal activity. When you unlock the additional potential of this powerful system, you're able to understand incident exposure at the individual level. This was game-changing, leveraging real-time dispatch data as indicators for behavioral health challenges. Our approach focuses on detection and intervention, taking the uncertainty out of who might be mentally or emotionally at-risk and identifies when peer support, admins, or leadership need to provide assistance. In this environment, data can save lives. While local Government and Public Safety have predominantly been underserved from traditional advancements in "Corporate Wellness", I felt this was our calling - staying true to our mission of providing "Critical Support for Critical Teams".

Recognizing this problem and the complex technical issues surrounding it was the beginning of our journey. Those first few months of big, gnarly invention were fraught with obstacles, but the unmatched commitment of this team pulled us through. The talent and persistence of the people of MindBase not only allowed us to build a unique technology, it served as the cultural foundation for the people that have since worked to build MindBase, brick by digital brick. The flywheel of invention is alive and well here, with an issued patent and several more in the pipeline. Our incredible Team continues to advance our core technology, and ensure that we can bring it to life for customers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that solves real challenges, today. These are the smartest, most dedicated, most authentic people I’ve ever known, and I’m honored to work alongside them. Building MindBase with all of you is a gift beyond words.

Finally, I would be remiss to not express my gratitude for the absolutely incredible people we have around the table. Our Board of Directors is deeply engaged, always pushing our thinking in ways that create better outcomes and a lot more fun. Our investors join our Board in being advocates of the company, spreading the word about MindBase and sharing our incredible customer stories every chance they get. And of course our partners like The National Police Foundation, SunRidge Systems, and National Command & Staff College, who have been so integral in helping us scale MindBase by developing joint solutions and offerings that create meaningful outcomes for our shared customers.

This leap forward for MindBase comes at a rare moment of urgency, loss, and opportunity for the Public Safety agencies we serve. The national pressures, anti-government movements, and internal loss has made mental health and wellness a top priority for agencies. It’s more important than ever for department leadership to be able to understand the challenges within their workforce through data and improve accessibility with hyper-personalized experiences that encourages support at the right time — and I’m happy to say that MindBase is in the strongest position to enable that.

We have found the formula to solve a decades-old problem that has kept the majority of Public Safety agencies from making real, measurable change within their departments and reaching their true potential. Seeing our team partner so effectively with customers and making a real impact is like magic — and now we’re bottling that up and shipping it out far and wide.

We will continue to learn, build, and grow so we can support this vision. We’ve done so much in just a few short months, and we’re ready for more. For those who are already a part of our community of customers, partners, and friends, we’re honored to have you with us on this journey; and for those who aren’t yet, we invite you to join, because we really are just getting started.

Bruce Avila

Founder / CEO