Everything Your Department Needs To Provide The Best Support

Proactive engagement and insights you need to build a agency-defining wellness program.

Proactive Support Driven by Real Data

By gathering aggregated data from your CAD/RMS, your department can proactively understand situational challenges affecting your personnel's mental health and provide personalized support ranging from trauma, personal development and burnout, on-demand without compromising on privacy.

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Skills To Overcome Daily Challenges

Engaging self-service tools, guided pathways, and care coordination explores the various components of mental and emotional wellness, providing the right care at the right time.

Access 24/7 Best-In-Class Support

We provide virtual sessions, text-based check-ins with counselors, and on-demand evidence-based guided pathways. Immediately manage challenging symptoms and behavior — no appointment necessary.

More than a platform - it's a mission, and we're in it together

Mindbase enables Peer Support and Wellness Teams to provide effective and personalized resources powered by your existing agency CAD/RMS. Empower your officers to track, assess, and improve their well-being – on their terms.

Your Department Needs A Proactive, Engaging, and Effective Peer Support Program.

Not Just A Wellness App.